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In what certainly looks to be no shortage of “The Punch” jokes, or some fun basketball storylines, Boise State will be headed down to Las Vegas to face off against the Oregon Ducks in the Vegas Bowl on Saturday, December 16th. – Stolen from OBNUG and presented without attribution 😉

However, we’re just a few days out, and one can only hope that the team is more focused than the fans and the “opinion” media, because, as a group, the latter two can’t stop circle jerking over what amounts to the Sears catalog of ad revenue driven drivel on websites across Southern Idaho.

The Broncos aren’t the only ones looking to capitalize on the opportunities that the Vegas bowl brings. For a small regiment of “bloggers” who aren’t paid well enough to keep their opinions quiet, bowl season is a great time to drive web traffic to publications that aren’t as high in the search rankings as the daily papers.

Since I am also in that small regiment of bloggers, I’m not going to keep my opinion quiet.

I’m really tired of this entire idea that Boise State is somehow worse than they used to be. It manifests in lots of ways – people pissed about play calling, people critical of the coaching staff, people insisting that Harsin has no leadership chops and that nobody in the complex cares enough.

It’s insulting to players and coaches, and detrimental to other fans. I don’t get how people who profess to like sports enough to make it their hobby – either writing about them or just watching and commenting – are also the people who can turn that passion into manipulation or anger so quickly.

Look. The Mountain West is an improving conference. Harsin has taken The House that Pete Built and filled it with the best group of recruited players to put on the blue and orange. Ever. Full stop.

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I don’t see a lack of leadership, I see a team that has been through a lot of distractions and insanity in the last two years, with players coming and going faster than ever because 2017 is a different time than 2012, and a head coach that has held it together remarkably well. He has learned that he can’t force them to win, they have to get there on their own with common experience building a set of shared values that will give them the confidence to win.

I don’t see a group of men that doesn’t care, but I do see a group who have maintained a level of consistency that few college football programs are capable of. Last week, I saw about 24,000 fans that cared a whole h*ck of a lot too.

Maybe, someday, the folks on the lower end of the financial spectrum will be flush enough with cash and free time to pack out the stadium every week, or BSU football will figure out how to appeal to a wider range of fans. Until then, maybe consider doing your part – make it a fun thing to be into, and learn to love the game as it is. Boise State football is fun as hell. The games are closer, and its not a guarantee to walk in the stadium and watch a top 25 team blow out a WACtastic cupcake each week.

Y’all, it’s better. 2 MWC championships. A Fiesta bowl. Reasonably high level football. This could be an amazing finish to a brilliant year full of adversity to overcome and champ games to be won, but it takes a decision to be a fan. To not feed in to pointless arguments. To be positive, but realistic too. Should the MWC championship be the floor for what BSU fans expect? Have Boise State fans gone soft, because we’re pleased with a championship season?

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Doesn’t look like it.


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