BTN Predictions, Vegas Bowl Edition: Oregon Ducks


Well, here we are – the final game of the 2017 season.  It always goes by too fast, doesn’t it? It has been an odd season, with some strange ups and downs, but ultimately it resulted in the Broncos accomplishing one of their goals – winning a Mountain West Conference Championship.  The next box to check is winning a bowl game. As far as predictions go, bowl games are hard to judge.  The motivation if the teams is often in question, and many times one or both of the teams are going through coaching changes.  This year it is the Ducks going through a transition, however it seems to be a seamless one with the players getting the coach they wanted in Mario Cristabal.  My guess is both teams will come up ready to go and we should see a pretty decent game.  The biggest question on both sides is running back, with Alexander Mattison hobbled and Royce Freeman choosing to sit this one out in preparation for his NFL career.  My head says that Oregon has the better overall match-ups here, but my heart says Boise State can still find a way to pull it out.  If Boise State can harass Justin Herbert like they did Luke Falk, they will have a chance.  I am going with my heart here – Boise State in a close one 34-31.


This is going to be a heck of a matchup. The Broncos are coming off a great MWC Championship game win 2 weeks ago and the Ducks, despite their pedestrian record, are as athletic as always. As Derek stated above, both teams’ top backs are out for the game. I believe that the Broncos’ backups are a bit more seasoned than the Ducks so there is an area to exploit. The Broncos have been generally good on special teams this year and that’s where this game will turn. The defensive front wins the day, LVE and Weaver will go off, and Avery will get a return TD. Living in Duckland, I need this to happen – Broncos 31, Ducks 23


K, here’s how I think this goes. Oregon comes out way too hype, as is their way when facing Boise, and struggles through the first half. Boise will come out swinging and land haymakers, as is their way when facing Oregon. However, it will all tighten up in the 3rd and 4th quarters, and I’m pretty sure this thing comes down to the wire. When faced with a tossup, I always choose the good guys, so Boise wins 28-24 on a last minute TD. Hopefully, from Cozart to Wilson, because I’d really like those guys to leave Boise as the heroes they are after their time at the university is over.


Bronco Nation, game day is upon us! It’s been just two weeks since Boise State hoisted the Mountain West Conference Championship trophy, but it feels like nearly a lifetime. A TON has happened in two short weeks. Before we get to the prediction, let’s take a moment to discuss the craziness leading up to this bowl game (all facts read on the internet ensuring 100% accuracy):

  • Boise State Head Coach Bryan Harsin took the head coaching job at Oregon State (super weird)
  • Boise State Head Coach Bryan Harsin took the head coaching job at Oregon (awkward)
  • Oregon lost their head coach and hired Chip Kelly, Kevin Sumlin, Mike Leach, and probably Jon Gruden
  • Oregon let their players pick their own head coach by presenting Cristobal with a tulip (at 7-5 they don’t get to go anywhere near a Rose)
  • Alexander Mattison broke his leg and might play today (see, it’s been way longer than two weeks, I KNEW it)
  • Oregon’s leading rusher will sit out the bowl game after watching film of LVE
  • Oregon is quarterbacked by literally William Wallace. He is seven feet tall, shoots fireballs from his eyes, and lightning bolts out of his arse
  • There is exactly one human being who would rather die of boredom, covered in the wretched stench of losing, in Provo than winning Championships in the greatest city in the world
  • Everyone reading this is soft. The lot of you

Whew, and that takes us to game day. I am not comfortable making the prediction that I am about to make (which is why I spent so much of this “prediction” on fluff over analysis), but I don’t see a lot of things that point to a BSU win today. Oregon plays a style of offense that has given the Broncos fits this year (Oregon is a run heavy, more athletic Virginia), and while Oregon’s defense isn’t going to pitch a shutout, they should be able to hold the Broncos to somewhere between 27-31 points.

Can Boise State hold Oregon under 30? Absolutely they can, but my best guess is they won’t. I think this will be a highly entertaining game between two teams that are giving it their all in what many (looking at you Oregon’s all-time leading rusher) consider a meaningless contest. Unfortunately, I think the Boy’s in Blue come up a little short. Boise State – 30 Oregon – 34 (puke emoji)  Edit: Screw that, 35 – 31 Boise. What can I say? I guess I’m a big softy after all!

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