Visualizing the Broncos: Las Vegas Bowl Edition Starring #3-0regon

If University of Phoenix stadium, home of the Fiesta Bowl is Bronco Stadium South, then Sam Boyd Stadium in Vegas should henceforth be known as the Southern Nevada Practice Facility. It is there where Boise State punishes middling Pac 12 teams that need to learn humility and the college football addicts worldwide go “oh yeah, BSU is pretty good at football. WAIT WTF WAS THAT FORMATION OMG LOLOLOL!”

This game was our reward for the anguish of close games and the brutal losses. The football gods smiled upon us on Saturday, and they received a sacrifice of roasted Duck for their grace.

Okay, enough. The Vegas Bowl was an ass whoopin, and the most Boise State of all the Boise State games this season. CSU was incredible and all, and that MWC Champ Game should live on in the annals of history as the great game it was because of the stakes, but this bowl game just felt old school.

Well, maybe with a few new moves thrown in.

That’s some Napoleon Dynamite sh*t right there and I’m here for it.


Meanwhile, on the defensive side of the ball, Leighton Vander Esch made himself some money on Saturday afternoon by officially being noted as a Problem by NFL draft types.

Oh, then Cedrick was like “Hi! I also would like some points, pls.”

At this point, I could hardly believe it was real. The Broncos came out ready, the playbook was wide open, and #3-0regon was starting to look demoralized as well as flat.

Then this happened.

…and this.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Broncos without some nearly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, so after an interception in the back of the end zone, getting the ball back, and f’ing up Statue, the Ducks captured the momentum going into halftime. Also, 14 points.

(I’d post a gif of the busted play, but I believe three things related to this topic. Karma and football juju exist and we don’t need that kind of negativity, that Statue only works when America has it’s sh*t together, and that this tweet is pretty much the best explanation of what happened between Ryp and Mahone on that handoff.)

After the half, the Broncos came out hot, which was nice because Bronco Nation was about to have a heart attack. Dhanens had his own amazing spin move en-route to a TD to get BSU up three scores again.

The rest of the third and start of the fourth quarters were basically a puntfest broken up by some hockey fights as #3-0regon’s reality started to crash around them. They got especially spun when Wolpin scored on this play again.

The Ducks were able to score once more and get within 10 points, so good on them, but Cedrick Wilson went out there with his two bum ankles and recovered another onside kick to end an opponent’s dream of beating Boise.

This win was important, because it was Boise State football at its very best. They were focused, prepared, played a team game, didn’t give up when the Ducks thought they might get momentum, adjusted the plan well, had fun, and came away with a win and a ride home on a great big hype train going into 2018. Can’t ask for much more than that.

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