Attack the Opponent: Humidity (definitely not the Troy Trojans)

After the longest off season in the history of football, we’re back, baby! Boise State is coming in hot with a team that should be fighting for a conference championship and a NY6 invite at the end of the season. But first, there’s a lot of football to be played!

During week 1, the boys in blue will be headed southeast to face off against the Troy Trojans southern Alabama humidity. Forget about Troy’s bend-not-break defense that didn’t allow many big plays outside of special teams. Don’t worry about their nasty receiving corps or the JC transfers that are making up the majority of their DL, because apparently, none of it is going to matter.


You see, the fact that Brett Rypien is back and more ready than ever, or that Boise State is as locked and loaded as its ever been to make a championship run doesn’t matter to Troy fans. This isn’t Broncos vs. Trojans, this is Broncos vs. Humidity.

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So, how do the Broncos stack up vs. their opponent?

Well, first we need to look at a map, to figure out where humidity is the worst.

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Then we need to check out the W/L record. I went back as far as the 2001 season (“the modern CFB era”), because looking at a bunch of data from the 80’s really isn’t going to give us a complete and current picture.

All in, in games that were played in humid locations, from 2001 – 2017, BSU was 21-8 for a 61.9% win percentage.

However, if we toss out BSU’s first year in the FBS, the Broncos are 21-5 in humidity games, and all of those losses were to P5 programs – Arkansas in 2002, the 2004 Liberty Bowl, Georgia in 2005, Michigan St. in 2012 and Missisippi in 2014. That has Boise at a 76% win percentage vs. the Humidity. If the trend holds, Boise should be just fine down there in Bama on Saturday!

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i mean, it doesnt look that hot


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