Attack the Opponent: The Downfall of America (and UConn)

David Hookstead of the Daily Caller had himself a thought and decided to write about it. This was a mistake.


Boise’s traditions are either super serious (winning, The Hammer, paying respect to players and coaches of the past who made this place what it is, etc.) or gimmick-tastic (The Blue, Kohl the Tee Dog, the Boise! State! chant), and we love them all the same. Hell yeah, the glitter sparkle throne for the Kings of Chaos is ridiculous. That makes it perfectly Bronco. The man is mistaking that shoulder chip for cockiness, in the same mistake so many have made over the years.

Yeah. Those teams have millions of dollars lying around and are on prime time every weekend whether they’re actually good or not. Blue blood programs act more as machines that chews up young men, literally, for sport, than a game that college kids play for enjoyment. Boise has figured out the formula – it’s possible to work hard, win, AND have fun. Imagine if Nick Saban ever publically looked like he enjoyed any part of his job. We might be moved to remember that football is a game and should be a good time.


This cat is cut from the same fabric they made Sansabelt Slacks out of. Itchy polyester straight from the 1970’s, just stretchy enough to make it into the recliner without ripping but never comfortable enough for the nuts to not feel constricted.

Anyway, now that Boise State has broken America, is there any way for them to get a victory this week at home versus UConn?

Well, probably. Vegas thinks the Broncos are going to win big, as does anyone with eyeballs who watched the Troy and/or UCF games last week. Boise State looked like world beaters, throne and all, with a light-em-up defense capable of scoring all on their own (Shout out Tyler Horton!), a beautiful offense, and all the confidence a bunch of dudes from Boise could ever need. UConn, despite their dual threat QB David Pindell playing pretty well, looked like they needed help. If they could finish in the red zone, it would be one thing, but instead the chatter around the Huskie’s program almost sounds like they’re working on more basic stuff still, like buy in.

The Broncos should show out at home this weekend in the opener, kicking off on Saturday at 8:15 PM Mountain (who are we kidding, it’s gonna be 8:22, everyone knows it) on ESPNU.

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