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The home opener has arrived! The Broncos started off the year with a dominate win against the Trojans of Troy, a viral sensation that is the Turnover Throne, and a win that has the national media buzzing about Boise State…what can we do as an encore? Well, let’s get into it!

The Broncos face a UCONN team that has to be the youngest squad in the nation coming off a lopsided loss against our NY6 rival UCF. The weird thing is that UCONN put up a TON of yards against our forced nemesis, but they didn’t score the points that usually comes along with those yards. Conventional wisdom would suggest that BSU will allow less yards, but will surrender more points than UCF did…that might end up being correct, but I don’t think so…

UCONN relies on their QB to do EVERYTHING, I know this, you know this, UCONN knows this. You can be sure that Avalos knows this too. This QB is in trouble this week. Big trouble.

My prediction is this: the BSU D gets busy this week with 3 turnovers and all of the Chaos that is required of Kings. Mattison gets going, my boy Modster stays on his grind, and Evans reminds us why we hyped in all off season.

Broncos 56 Puppies 17


Wow, last week was a pleasant surprise.  Yeah , I predicted a blowout but that game went about as well as you could hope for in a season opener.  The first half was about as good of half as you could expect, and although we probably could have scored more in the second half  the defense did their part and we coasted to a blowout win over a decent opponent.  With it came the hype of being back in the national picture, and the media attention of another #BoiseStateGimmick in the Turnover Throne which will probably provide an unfair advantage for all future opponents.

So we move on to UCONN.  Whatever happens Saturday night in Albertsons Stadium we will have to accept that this game will be the measuring stick against last year’s claimed natty winners. Unlike Coach Pete who never wanted to acknowledge we were anything better than mid major team, Coach Harsin recognizes the national attention and seems to embrace it – and I have no doubt he knows that this game is not just a #Battle against UCONN but a chance to show that we are a better program than UCF.  I think we all expect to dominate, but I would not be surprised to see Hars take it a step further and put a Hawkin-esque #BEATEMDOWN on the doggies. Pedal to the metal in this one.  We will score in all three phases of the game, the Turnover Throne will stay as warm as ever, and Boise State coasts to a 2-0 record.

Boise State 63 UCONN 17


What if UConn has their sht together and has figured out how to execute in the red zone? Well, that would suck. It seems to be unlikely though. Their QB is a good player, but if he’s the only run game that they can establish, the Broncos are going to be just fine. I feel like the Broncos are going to try to pour on points in the first half, and coast in with some garbage time…garbage fcking up the narrative of how not close this game actually was.

Broncos 48 Huskies 27


Hey Bronco Nation! You get to see our boys on the Blue this week. Luckily, you get to see the Oregon State of the East Coast. The Huskies won’t be much of a challenge if the defense is on point and if Ryp and the passing game is at full tilt. I think Chase Cord gets a full quarter and the 1s get some rest before next week.

Broncos 63 Huskies 24

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