Attack the Opponent: Hype (fiiine, and Okie Lite)

This weekend, on ESPN at 1:30 p.m., the Boise State Murder Smurfs take on the Oklahoma State Mullets in a matchup for the ages (or at least for Saturday afternoon.) Both teams are high octane on both sides of the ball, and both of the team’s entire seasons kinda rely on the outcome of this game. After Boise’s total annihilation of UConn last weekend, with that big shiny box score, highlight package, and newly coined nickname, the Bronco Hype Machine is back up and running smoothly.

Thing is, Okie Lite might be quite good. Sure, they haven’t played anybody either (Missouri State and South Alabama are even less anybody than the Broncos have played so far, to be fair), but they are currently #1 in total offense and #9 in total defense nationally, to Boise’s 4 in total offense, and 24 in total defense.

There’s their 6’6 senior QB, Taylor Cornelius, who puts up a lot of passes. Like, 19 more passes over two games in which Ryp appeared to passing all the freaking time. Their cadre of running backs led by Justice Hill are a balanced group, spreading around the wealth and getting several different players lots of touches so far. Really, the only weakness is the OL and that’s basically only because they’ve allowed 6 sacks so far. Guessing that will be a focus in practice this week for those guys.

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Vegas thinks this thing is a tossup, but is starting to track towards Boise State. Why?


This weekend, in Stillwater, we’ll learn if the hype is real. It’s nerve wracking but very exciting to be a Bronco fan right now, because it all feels new and somehow old again and that’s surreal. The Murder Smurfs is a perfect metaphor. Stephen Godfrey expanded on the idea a little – about the magical blue people in the adorable town who are all so wonderful and kind, right up until the time when the blood starts to flow on the field.

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Boise State’s defense held a team to not crossing the 50 yard line until the middle of the third quarter.

Boise State’s offense is all motion and fun (Going five wide! Tight end touchdowns! Hightower loping past defenders so fast his teammates really didn’t get a chance to block like they would if a normal human had the ball!)

Bronco Nation is at their full cocky, meme making, speculating endlessly best.

Bryan Harsin and his coaching staff have figured out how to make football great again. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Roll Damn Murder Smurfs. πŸ”·πŸ΄πŸ”Ά

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