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boise state v florida state 2019

When a familiar chemical combination hits our brains, our senses sharpen and look for the source.

Today much of Boise woke up to a stunning orange sunrise followed by hot air balloons launching from Ann Morrison and floating lazily and beautifully in a hazy blue sky. It was hot but not too hot, the trees were starting to tinge orange in the morning sun, and the Bronco faithful slipped into game day like it was the comfiest sweat pants in the drawer.

Meanwhile, across the country, things were happening. Correct things. Eric Sachse was the first Bronco to put points on the board, in a strange but nice omen. While FSU was fast and capable of popping off a big play at any moment, the Broncos did that thing that we all love – they fought back. They improved, little by little, under the leadership of Hank Bachmeier, the QB who put on a show, won his job, and caused an entire #BroncoNation to fall in love with a QB again.

Boise State didn’t play particularly pretty football. The defense was objectively awful at points in the first half, and there were turnovers aplenty. Giving FSU space and trying to not get beat over the top wasn’t working for the Bronco’s DBs, and arm tackles weren’t cutting it. Defenders took bad beats on trick plays. But, they made adjustments. Great ones. Ones that meant that FSU didn’t score in the second half.

On offense, Hank handed off the ball to wide receivers and tossed passes to running backs. Everybody blocked. Everybody. 4 star, walk-on, whatever. It might take a nation to support the Broncos, but it took all the Broncos to protect Hank today. Boise State did not get beat in the trenches on offense. Against freaking Florida State. 👀

Comebacks are funny things. Our hearts start racing and happy chemicals and adrenaline flood our brains, set off by something as subtle as Octavius Evans yeeting a FSU defender to the turf with a ton of time left on the clock. Something changed in that moment. The magic, that has seemed just out of reach for the last couple seasons, might be all in our minds. Maybe momentum is a just a collectively experienced chemical reaction, but it’s a powerful one. One strong enough to carry a team of shoulder-chip bearing dudes in pretty white and blue helmets to a defining victory.

A few times over the last week, a few true believers asked the key question: “What if the Broncos are good?”

When Shakir caught that fade pass from Hurricane Hank in the back of the end zone just before the fourth quarter, their question was answered.

This is what happens. Luck flips. With enough discipline to finish and ability to adjust on the fly, anything is possible. The Broncos have never lacked heart, not once in the history of all the games I’ve ever watched. But these Broncos feel like Broncos teams of the early 00’s. They might not win em pretty, or even win them all, but the magic is here again.

Boise State? We back.

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