Blue Turf Nation originally began in early 2008 as BTR – Blue Turf Radio. It also held the name of BTR – Bronco Talk and Rants. In late September of 2009 it became what is known today as BTN – Blue Turf Nation. Through the evolution of the BTR/BTN blog there have been many contributors to the success of the blog with each bringing their personal flair and thought processes.

In January of 2010 BTN received its highest accolade and was recognized as The Best Boise State Blog by ESPN’s SPORTS NATION the day after Boise State’s second Fiesta Bowl victory. In August of 2010 BTN formed an alliance with Bronco Nation PODCAST.

BTN has been invited to NYC by Nike to the unveiling of the new Pro Combat uniforms for the 2010-2011 season as Boise State was one of the proud few to wear this exclusive uniform and continues to do so today.

In February 2012, Blue Turf Nation founder Cliff Marks Jr. decided to pursue his passion of becoming a freelance lifestyle photographer leaving very little time for BTN. This change left the future of BTN in question and in September 2012, Cliff decided to keep Blue Turf Nation active by handing over the reigns to BTN’s long time contributors Derek Castle and Heath Dreger.  Derek has taken over the Managing Editor/Site administration side, while Heath has taken over all social media duties to work on expanding BTN’s reach.  As part of this transition, Bronco Nation Podcast has moved back to its own site, and can be found at www.bronconationnow.com.

This current edition is in its eighth generation design.  We are always looking to improve and will continue to re-tool BTN  to maintain a fresh look and feel while striving for a smoother flow making it easier to share information.

The BTN blog has worked to support a positive look at the Boise State Athletic Program and will maintain that approach.  We hope to bring you fresh thoughts through our team of contributors. This is a fan based blog and fans are welcome to sound off here. Please send us your comments or a tweet with you thoughts, concerns, ideas, rants, complaints or if you see or read something you like – a compliment.

Thanks for visiting Blue Turf Nation, we hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. Just read the BTN for the first time. As avid responder to other blog site. I have been remise not to include BTN on my daily to do list. The Blue Turf Nation has a potential to harness fan cognitive skill for its team for both the casual out of conference reader and in house Bronco fans. Consider this a lucid attempt of praise for the web site.

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