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Scott Jorgensen Summary

Proving Boise State is much more than just football. Scott Jorgensen is our first ever BTN Hall-of-Fame inductee. Scott Jorgensen is everything you want out of a Boise State athlete. He is a great family man, bleeds blue, and still calls Boise his home. Scott was a 3x Pac-10 wrestling champion at Boise State and currently fights in the top MMA organization in the world, the UFC. Scott has been involved in 5 “Fight of the Night” performances, and has worked his way to a title fight in the past. Currently Scott owns and trains out a local gym titled “Combat Fitness”. Due to these accolades we at Blue Turf Nation are very excited that Scott is our 1st ever inductee into the Hall-of-Fame. Congratulations Scott Jorgensen!

BTN Writer (Heath) Comments on Scott Jorgensen: Scott is easily one of the most exciting fighters currently in the UFC. Every time he steps into the octagon the fight is guaranteed to be worth your time. However, the thing that I believe makes Scott special is how he has adopted Boise and put it on the MMA map. When Scott fights, it always mentioned as he walks to the cage that he is a former Boise State, Pac-10, wrestling champion who still trains & fights out of Boise Idaho. It is rare to have such a an elite athlete take Boise with him through his entire professional career. Add to that he is an incredible ambassador for Boise, always looking for ways to get fans involved via social media, and even recently working to get the UFC to Boise. For all these reasons Scott has made me a huge fan, and I love the fact he is our first ever inductee into the Hall-of-Fame.

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